You can help change lives by donating toward Service Dogs for those in need! image

You can help change lives by donating toward Service Dogs for those in need!

Contributions are needed to cover the care, training, and placement of these special dogs with our clients.

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What is Retrieving Freedom?

Retrieve [ri-treev]: To recover or regain.

Freedom [free-duhm]: unrestricted use.

Retrieving Freedom, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to change lives through the training and placement of Service Dogs for Veterans with disabilities and children with autism.

Change a Life with Your Gift

Every Service Dog we train is a beacon of hope, independence, and unwavering support for Veterans and children with autism. But training these extraordinary companions comes at a significant cost.

Did you know that each Service Dog costs over $30,000 to train and place? Yet, we believe that our nation's heroes and these special children deserve the best support possible, which is why we provide them with these life-changing companions at no cost.

Your donation can make a world of difference.

In partnership with our generous donors, Retrieving Freedom impacts numerous lives, from college students and inmates to summer campers and elementary students who work closely with our Service Dogs in training. Each dog not only transforms the life of a Veteran or child with autism but also touches the hearts of over 100 individuals during their first 18 months of training. And before they find their forever home, they dedicate 200 hours working intimately with their future client.

From our family-centric facilities in Sedalia, MO, and Waverly, IA, Retrieving Freedom has proudly placed 147 dogs in 19 states. Each placement is a testament to the power of community, love, and dedication.

Join us in this noble mission.

Your contribution ensures that more Veterans and children with autism can experience the profound bond and support that only a Service Dog can provide.

Retrieving Freedom, Inc. is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

Donations in the form of checks may be mailed to either facility:

1152 - 230th Street, Waverly, Iowa 50677

20360 Tangle Nook Road, Sedalia, Missouri 65301