To help disabled veterans and children with autism receive service dogs



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To help disabled veterans and children with autism receive service dogs

How it works:

A coin is sponsored by a company or individual for $1,000 to help disabled veterans and children with autism receive service dogs. Order as many coins as you would like!

How it works:

Each sponsor will receive one coin that can be displayed in honor of their contribution, and a second coin that will be entered into circulation. Retrieving Freedom is minting unique coins in 3" and 1.5" sizes. Each sponsor will receive both coins.

The 1.5" coin is a keepsake that will say 2019 Coin Sponsor on the front and have the RFI logo, a flag, a puzzle piece, and a dog on the back.

The 3" Coin will have the same back, but the front will be unique to the sponsor with either a logo, name, "In Memory of" or "In honor of". It will also have the site listed, and a special code. This coin will say TRAVELING CHALLENGE COIN.

This 3" coin is the heart of the challenge and an interactive approach to building public awareness and donations. Each Sponsor will receive directions to "launch" their Challenge Coin on Jan 1, 2020. This simply means handing the coin off to the first person in its future travels that is willing to make a donation to RFI. A donor can simply go to and type in the coin code. Once they make a donation, the site will log that location and amount donated to that specific coin. That person then hands the coin off to another person that donates to the coin, and so on. This interactive sight will also allow for a digital sharing option of the coin through social media.

The RFICOIN website is set up as an interactive site to see the progress of total donations and distance traveled by each coin. Leader boards will be posted in the website for real-time progress of all the coins! We will be having awards for for many categories in the challenge.

The Traveling Coin Challenge is Jan 1 - June 1, 2020, and sponsorship's must be secured by October 31, 2019.

Please click the donate button above to become a "2019 Coin Sponsor". Once payment is made, please use the following link to fill out the needed information to have your personalized coin minted:

We are super excited about this and feel that the opportunities are endless!This is a great opportunity for businesses to include their staff and customers in the challenge. Please let us know if you would like to discuss further, and please share with anyone that might be interested.

Scott Dewey, 319-290-0350 or

Sally Zinevich, 573-489-8020 or

Challenge categories— Furthest Traveled, largest earnings,
First coin to $2,000, First coin to $5,000, First coin to $10,000